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The Product:


Email Automation PLR 

What’s in The Box?

This is a brand-new NEVER released PLR pack consisting of a killer eBook and a Professionally presented Video Course, along with the usual editable PLR assets and customizable files.

Why is This PLR Good for my Customers?

    • Email automation is a HOT topic and is currently driving lifetime value revenue in countless businesses all over the world…
    • Email marketing in general has always been a reliable PLR topic – always evergreen and in-demand.  Email AUTOMATION cranks the “wow” factor and perceived value up a couple notches even further.
    • This concept was popularized by big names like Frank Kern (and his Behavioral Dynamic Response), Ryan Diess, and others.
    • The interest in this concept has grown over the years.
    • It’s applicable to would-be entrepreneurs in almost every online niche.
    • There are a plethora of products and services that can be offered to people who want to learn more about this.  Which means…
    • This topic is an excellent opportunity for cross-selling and upselling their customers/leads (perhaps into a webinar for a high-ticket email solution?)  
    • As more and more people move online to build businesses or supplement their income, it seems likely the demand for training on this topic will continue to grow – which means a PLR asset in this niche can be incredibly valuable for your audience.

The Swipes:



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SUBJECT:  Quick Heads Up about a BIG Development…

Just a quick heads up…

This is brand new – and has SERIOUS potential for you.

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SUBJECT:  BIG News!  Brand new PLR product in an Evergreen Niche!

Big News!  David Cox has just launched a Brand New PLR Package about Email Automation!

This is a big deal because the IM audience is becoming more and more aware of the need for well structured email automation sequences to drive up their customer lifetime value.

And as more newbies (and people who have been struggling for years) accept that fact, there will be increasing demand for products about how to do exactly that.

And now YOU can capitalize on that by slapping your OWN brand on this PLR pack.

Big discount for a VERY SHORT time.

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SUBJECT: Why a PLR in the Email Automation Niche?

You love PLR and understand it’s potential, right?

But why PLR in this niche specifically?

Here’s why…

Interest in Email Automation has increased over the years. Especially among would-be internet marketers and affiliate marketers.

Of course, people like Frank Kern and Ryan Diess popularized it years ago in the general online space with “Behavioral Dynamic Response” and DMLabs respectively…

And the number of people who are finally understanding and accepting that has been steadily increasing.

As that trend continues, there will be more demand for this kind of training.

This is definitely a niche and topic that you want to be in.

And now, you can!

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SUBJECT: One of the Highest-Potential PLR Topics in the World?

PLR is great. No matter the niche or topic, you simply can’t beat paying a low price for a product without having to do any of the work, and just slapping your brand on it and using it to build your email list or sell it to your customers.


Not all PLR products are created equal.

Topic/Niche, for example, can make a huge difference in how profitable a PLR pack can be.

For example, a PLR product about Therapeutic Dog Yoga for Female French Poodles  might not have as much profit potential as one about Profit Maximization.


What would be considered the most profitable PLR topics/niches out there?

There are probably a few contenders, but one could argue that a topic that cuts RIGHT to the heart of what almost EVERY modern business NEEDS to do with it’s new existing customers in order to maximize their revenue per customer, would be near the top of that list.  For example… Email Automation.  And specifically… HOW to do it.

Almost every business owner and would-be IM’er wants to know how to do it.

So… a PLR pack (especially a hot brand new one) in that space has a TON of potential.

You could literally put your brand on this, slap it on a lead page, and start building your email list in this profitable niche within a matter of MINUTES!

Click Here and grab it while it’s on sale.

SUBJECT:  ENDING SOON! Don’t miss this incredible PLR opportunity!

This is Ending Tonight!
Keep in mind, this PLR pack is in a space that is PROVEN to be Evergreen and will ALWAYS be in demand.

There’s a reason that so many big names SWEAR by this concept

There’s a reason many of them have invested heavily in software, testing, and processes  in precisely this area.

There’s a reason interest in it has risen among entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs…

And having a PLR pack in that space that is FRESH, HOT, and Never Released Before…  

Well… I don’t need to tell you why that would be a good idea.

Especially when it’s on sale for a ridiculously low launch price.  

But it ENDS in a matter of hours.

Please don’t miss this opportunity.

Jump on it now before it gets away.

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First place $250

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Suggest you follow whatever guidance John gives you about what’s right for your situation. Cash may or may not be.



Another option is to just grab stuff on amazon that is cheap but still fun/cool/humorous.  So for example a cheap RC car or quadcopter.  As an affiliate, I’ve won an automatic pot stirring device and a cool light up moon globe.  Sounds silly but affiliates do like getting stuff like that in the mail and it can “look” less cheap on a contest chart than low dollar amounts (even if the item is way cheaper than the dollar amount in question!)


Anyway if you decide to have contest, just insert images or numbers into the righthand column.


If you don’t want to or are not sure, just delete the contest section for now.
















Mark Your Calendar!


Steven Alvey


Promoting This Launch

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