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Windows Curriculum

Get Me Up To Date Now!!

Windows Training Essentials

Course Material on Video

Bonus Module - Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 Bonus Module - Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome (necessary)
MS Internet Explorer
MS Edge to replace MS IE
Firefox etc
Safari (Smart Phones)
HTTP and HTTPS Hypertext Transport Protocol (Secure) the language of the Internet Web Sites

Explorer Take 1

This PC
Music, Videos, Pictures (All default settings)

Take Two for Explorer

Find stuff - Search
Move stuff Copy, Cut, Paste
Delete stuff and find it again. (Recycle Bin)
Download Folder is where it goes unless you select a different one.
Downloads may be blocked by Windows 10. To unlock, Right click, Properties, Select               Unblock, Click on Apply.

Meetings With Skype

Set up SKYPE using Microsoft email address
Configure your Personal Profile
Making a Skype Call
Receiving a Skype Call

Email with Gmail

Setting up a Gmail account in
Configuring a Gmail Account.
Using your new Gmail account to access Youtube Goggle Drive
Using your Gmail account to access Google Docs


Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10

Programs and Passwords

Microsoft Office 365 (Subscription)
MS Word (Word Processing)
MS Snipping Tool (Screen Shots)
MS Sticky Notes
Google Docs
Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF files


I found David Cox’s Windows 10 course on-line very helpful to me as I am not very computer savvy. He explained things very simply and clearly and was easy to understand. Anybody wishing to update their computer skills, I would highly recommend this course.

Margaret Burgess


>> Video:  I would like to talk about PLR Windows Training Essentials by  David Cox and it's a great piece of    training where David will run you through various things about     Windows so if  you're just getting started up and you're unaware of    the Windows operating system and what is Windows all about you know so you will really get a good foundation

Kneller Fernandes


This is a great training course if you want to know the basics on how to use Windows, and all of its programs. If you're a beginner marketer and want to improve your productivity in Windows 10, but have zero clue where to start this is the course for you! Its great to see that David has also included information on what to do if you're using Windows 10 and want to upgrade to the new Windows 11 when it comes out. I'm an IT and Management consultant and have been in the IT industry roughly 25 years now.

Martin Platt



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